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Browse deals from over 250 retailers

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Click a Deal/Coupon

You will be redirected to the retailer’s website

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Get Cashback

Your cashback is updated within 72 hours


 How does Khareedhi pay you cashback or reward?

  • Every time you shop on one of our listed retailers through Khareedhi (redirected through us!), the retailer pays us a commission on the product ordered. We share the same with you as either cashback or reward.
  • The cashback structure from each retailer can been seen on their respective coupons/deals or on the retailer’s page. Make sure to check the cashback structure for each category before you are redirected from the retailer page.
  • Few retailers do not allow cashback tracking and hence no cashback structure is defined and therefore no cashback would be awarded. However, you can still click through their deals and coupons.


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